What Happens If You Dry Clean Your Curtains?

Do Dry-Cleaned Curtains Shrink? Many homeowners choose to dry clean their curtains due to their hectic lifestyles. This method is more advanced than machine washing, but how efficient and safe is it? Some individuals are concerned that dry cleaning shrinks the curtains. We welcome you to learn more about dry washing and how it affects fabric shrinkage.

What is dry cleaning?

In its broadest sense, dry cleaning is the technique of washing fabrics without the use of water. This does not, however, imply that the clothes will remain dry throughout the procedure. There is a liquid solvent that you can use instead of water.

The primary reason Dry Cleaning came into existence is to safeguard items that are uncleanable with water by using a safer substance. Dry cleaning, on the other hand, is now widely used for practically all materials. It simply saves time and ensures that the draperies are kept as clean as possible with minimal damage.

Why do fabrics shrink during cleaning?

Because dry cleaning does not use water, you may believe that this procedure does not shrink materials. Well, it would be if water was the primary cause of shrinkage. However, this is not the case. In truth, it plays a role in downsizing, but it does so in collaboration with other criminals.

The components of heat and tumble are mostly to fault for most materials shrinking during cleaning. The combined force of these two helps to close the spaces between the threads of the cloth. As a result, the curtain appears to shrink.

Dry cleaning does not utilize water, although it does entail tumbling and high temperatures. As a result, this approach can shrink materials as well. As a result of the lack of water in the process, you should expect a lower degree of shrinkage. However, don’t make your assumptions on the previous statement; read ahead to learn why and how it shrinks.

What fabrics are subject to shrinking?

Shrinkage does not occur in every circumstance, and the degree of shrinkage varies from fabric to fabric. The amount of shrinkage depends on the intensity of the machine tumbling and the temperature.

But first, let’s look at how materials are affected by shrinking. Look at the label to determine which fabric the company uses in the curtain and what cleaning techniques is compatible.

Natural textiles, such as cotton, linen, and silk, are more likely to shrink after being dry cleaned. This is due to the fact that they are more elastic, delicate, and temperature-sensitive.

On the other hand, synthetic textiles are more robust and indifferent to heat and other mechanical movements. When dry cleaning synthetic curtains like polyester, acrylic, and nylon, there will be no shrinkage.

Is it worth it replacing machine wash with dry clean?

Dry cleaning is a very effective form of cleaning. Some people, however, avoid dry cleaning because of the possibility of shrinkage. There’s no reason to avoid dry cleaning if the company uses material such as cotton or linen, which is naturally shrinkable.

Natural fibers will shrink regardless of whether they are dry cleaned or washed in the washing machine. It’s simply a property of the fabric composition that can’t change. After all, after a few days, the fabric returns to its original size. So there is nothing you need to be concerned about once you know.

While you’re out running errands, feel free to take your curtains to a dry cleaner in the city. Oily stains, dust, and entrenched filth are easily removable using this approach. The potent solvent mixture isn’t any worse than regular laundry detergent.

It is much more effective at removing deep-seated and dried-in stains. Dry-washing eliminates post-cleaning creases and decreases color fading. Another reason to choose dry cleaning over ironing is to avoid ironing your curtains.

Myths About Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is dry.

Dry cleaning, despite its name, does not imply that your clothing is clean without water. The term “dry cleaning” refers to the absence of water in the cleaning procedure. Because of its efficiency in eliminating grease-based stains while causing minimum disruption to clothing fibers, a chemical solvent with a lower viscosity than water is employed instead of water.

Dry cleaning makes clothes smell bad.

It’s time to choose a new launderette if your garments come back from the dry cleaners smelling strongly of chemicals. The odor usually comes because the solvent used to substitute water in the cleaning procedure not being allowed to evaporate entirely. Furthermore, if your garments have a lasting unpleasant odor, it is due to the launderette’s failure to use a clean solvent. This implies that soil, sweat, and everything else trapped in the fibers of your garment gets redeposited rather than being removed. In order to produce high-quality, clean clothing, a good dry cleaner will always use pure solvent and know when to leave the solvent in.

Dry cleaning is expensive.

If you dry clean your clothes regularly, the expense can quickly add up. If you simply need to dry clean the essentials, such as delicate clothing, or if you accumulate a large amount of clothing, dry cleaning is the best alternative.

Club soda removes stains better than dry cleaning.

People think that club sodas effectively remove stains from clothing; it can cause more harm than good. Instead of using club soda, blot the stain with a white napkin right away. Take your ruined garment to a dry cleaner, explain the stain and what caused it for the best results. They might guarantee you that they are using the best solution and that the stain will remove correctly.

Excessive dry cleaning wears out clothing.

Whether you employ a dry cleaning service or not, constantly washing garments will eventually wear away the colors and fibers. Contrary to popular opinion, dry cleaning will keep your garments cleaner for longer than a typical wash. This is due to the fact that dry cleaning solvent is lighter than water and hence goes through fabric more delicately.

It’s OK to store clothes in plastic dry cleaning bags.

Many individuals put their clothes in the plastic bags in which their dry cleaning arrives. This is quite damaging to your apparel. Plastic bags are used for dry cleaning to keep your clothing from getting dirty by the dry cleaners to protect them from spoiling. It is essential that you remove your clothing from the plastic as soon as you get it home to allow your garments to breathe. Leaving your items in plastic bags can trap moisture, causing stains to oxidize and making them more challenging to clean.

Dry cleaning a suit will take away its shine.

It’s not because you had your suit dry-cleaned that it looks glossy. The gleam of a suit stems from the fantasy of wearing it every day. However, if your dry cleaner isn’t up to par when it comes to pressing suits, you might notice some stains.

Dry cleaning helps clothes stay intact.

Dry cleaning, as previously said, is easier on your clothes due to the lack of water utilized. This doesn’t mean that you should dry clean all of your clothes to keep them in good condition. It is usually a good idea to read the care label on your apparel. Because specific items have a protective layer protecting the fabric, they are labeled “do not dry clean.” If you have these goods dry cleaned, they will not last very long.

Always adhere to “dry clean only” labels.

You must start by reading the Clothing care labels carefully to know how to best care for your garments. More delicate textiles, such as cashmere, will almost certainly be labeled “dry clean only.” To avoid material damage, it is always best to have fragile items of clothes dry-cleaned; nevertheless, hand washing these items can sometimes work just as well. If you’re hand-washing any delicate things, make sure to air dry them to avoid damaging the fabric.

Do Curtains Shrink When Dry Cleaned? – Conclusion

The answer to the question of whether curtains shrink after dry washing is “it depends on the fabric.” You should not hold the service provider responsible for the shrinking because it is not their responsibility. Expect some shrinkage in the size of your draperies if the company uses natural fabrics.

The use of heat and tumbling in dry cleaning can shrink materials like cotton and silk. Aside from a minor shrinkage, dry washing leaves your curtains pristine. It excels in removing stubborn stains, removing mold, and neutralizing odors.

It also cuts down on ironing time by making the curtain practically wrinkle-free. However, if you are still scared, you might spoil your precious home decor; contact Run Errand Run and book an appointment with the best professional dry cleaners.

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